Cyclops FreedomMom

To Live Is To Inspire Yourself Daily

To inspire is to breathe life into. To feel a transforming energy that makes you feel alive, giving a clarity of mind and focus to spirit and will. To live is to inspire yourself daily. You are your own role model. And like the giant heroes of old, you fight through the storms, sirens, sea monsters, and godlike intervening powers … all to one purpose … to prevail. You do because that is the only thing which moves the sails.

Calypso, Cyclops, the Lotus Eaters, perhaps none are so dangerous as Charybdis, the stealth whirlpool monster in Homer’s great classic … sinking you before you even realize you are caught in his gravitational pull.

Freedom Mom OdysseyLike you, I am on my ship, sailing the perilous, uncertain waters of this day, this age. My crew consists of my sons and my niece. I know of the increasing pirates in these parts, thinking they are entitled to what I have earned simply because they need and want it.

I know of the twisted morality of the day where virtue has become to mean that the strong must serve the weak, that those with ability must work for those who have none, and that to be great and profitable is to be selfish and a subject to looting by the unproductive.

And with the sweat on my brow, I see the battleships of the left and the right each thrusting their shots across their respective bows and wonder to what end it serves. And I realize, we are all part of this Odyssey. And the only hope for success is not a change in circumstance but a change in ourselves … so that we are able to navigate through the numerous and certain traps that wait to strike sudden tragedy upon us.

You Are The Only Hero Left

I hear the bad news in the wind and see the signs of a coming conflict. And in this moment, I live inspired. Because it is times such as this that heroes are made and legends born. And each of us — me and you — captains of our own ships, hand on wheel … can fight heroically, refusing to simply blame circumstance or just talking about how awful it is … but daring the monsters to bring what they may.

This life is not just for the young but for the strong, strength in body and in will to overcome that which is our greatest personal threat … comfort, complacency, and lack of purpose.